Week Two: College Course or Fun House?

This week, I fell in love with the Assignment Bank. There are endless opportunities to make something unique. The three assignments I tackled were from the visual, audio and animated gif categories. My work not only reflected my interests, but encouraged me to use my experience with certain programs towards a new goal. One assignment, for example, led me to create an audio advertisement. I’d used Audacity for music in the past, but I had never written an advertising script or tried to stitch different voices together. I enjoyed working on assignments from multiple categories.

My Daily Creates featured small animals, redundancies, and Radiohead. I didn’t expect to rely on Microsoft Word to create any work for this class, but that’s what happened for two out of the three TDCs. Throughout college, I’ve really only used Word to write and format papers. This week’s prompts let me play more with the design features!

I also found myself placed in the writing group, which meant I had to contribute ideas for things we could incorporate in the writing portion of the course. I browsed the Assignment Bank for inspiration and came across Changing Fortunes. Since I’m still struggling with the superhero theme, this assignment seemed like a great way to develop some concrete ideas. I found quite a few phrase generators online and submitted the SuperStory Generator assignment in hopes that it would help anyone else having a difficult time. I feel slightly better about diving into the theme after this week. Leaving my superpowers to chance makes the task seem less daunting.

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