Week Twelve: Mashed Up

This week, we revisited concepts covered in the past, but whatever direction we took was up to us. The mashup/remix assignments were interesting because anything was fair game.

I started with editing the Dunkin’ Donuts logo to better represent the only thing I actually buy from there… iced coffee. This was entertaining, and while I like the result, I wish I had picked a more interesting way to manipulate the logo. The 7-Eleven and Pokemon mashup image featured on the assignment page was really cool, and I wish I had done something as drastic as that.

I filmed my blue belongings in motion for my second assignment, and ended up creating a monochromatic video layered with a blue song. I took a slightly different direction than what the original assignment instructed, but I enjoyed experimenting and creating something unique.

I managed to write a tutorial on the Photoshop tools I typically use to create a digital collage, the quick selection tool and SmartObject feature. Writing a tutorial is hard because you have to include plenty of detail, but also make it easy enough for anyone to understand. I tried to make my explanation simple but it still turned out pretty wordy. I made sure to include images to make it less confusing. Hopefully it helps someone in the future.

Here’s my daily create.

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