Week Three: Words Emerge

Man, this week was tough. There is nothing I hate more than the intimidation I feel while staring at a blank page.

I’ll start with TDC. This week’s daily creates featured a haiku, animorphing, and International Dot Day.

Because I hadn’t really incorporated the superhero concept into my work for this course, writing a reflection on what defines a superhero definitely worked well for me. The First Ever Superman Cartoon shed light on the basic, most notable qualities of superhero narratives, while the excerpt from Ink-stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors explained how superhero qualities include more than just Superman’s abilities. This was a necessary lesson for me.

Next, I watched Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories video. I applied the method to The First Ever Superman Cartoon in this blog post.

Creating my character dossier and introduction for Ceto was difficult. Since this assignment sets the foundation for a character we’ll work with throughout the semester, I couldn’t help but fear committing to certain traits too soon. I didn’t want to box myself in. I am extremely thrilled about what I have so far though, and I’m confident that more interesting details will grow through the work. Ceto is like a plant… I’m gonna have to give her some sunlight and water to thrive.

While I relied on phrase generators to gather ideas for my character dossier, I used them yet again to place myself in a superhero role in the SuperStory assignment. One of the first phrases I generated was Trustworthy Forehead. It struck me as odd, but I just decided to roll with it since there were no strings attached. I used words from other phrases that came up to develop random details of the story.

My “free” writing assignment was Explaining Ceto, which was worth 3 stars. I was inspired by Alaina’s take on Explaining the Spy. I loved learning more about the thought that went into her character, and since my dossier & intro didn’t give too much away, this seemed like a great way to share more on how much thought went into Ceto.

Overall, the writing week was a massive challenge for me. I hope to handle next week a little better.

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