Week Thirteen: Progress Report

Inspired by the “Save Yourself” prompt where our heroes lose their powers, Alaina, Jordan and I have teamed up to revisit the plot and characters in our radio show, Distress Signal. Only for this project, we’ll create a news series that investigates where our heroes– Ceto, Malevolent Melody and Little Brain– are now.

The plan is to create a journalistic webpage that will consist of about 4-5 posts, or articles, that will cover the lives of each superhero now that they are not so super. Each ‘news article’ will feature a video interview with the hero, where they talk about their life changes and adjustments since losing their powers after Dr. Evil’s attack. Here is our plan for the series:

Post 1: Intro Article
Post 2: Hero 1 Article with Video
Post 3: Hero 2 Article with Video
Post 4: Hero 3 Article with Video
Post 5: Conclusion Article / “5 Years Later”

Our project will allow us to incorporate writing, video, mashup and the web to form one cohesive narrative. We plan to host our news series on Tumblr and explore different programs for video editing. Our current tasks are to create and design the Tumblr page and to write the article for each of our heroes. We hope to write the intro and conclusion articles and begin filming early next week.

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