Week Seven: DJ Ashleigh’s Comeback

While this week didn’t require any remixing, I did revisit Audacity to layer and edit multiple audio clips. This time, however, I wasn’t granted the “do whatever you want” approach; all creations were part of something bigger and better! I’ve spent this week planning and contributing ideas for a group project: Distress Signal, a ds106 radio show.

I’ve really enjoyed working with my group (Alaina, Jordan and Ana). We created a Google Doc to lay out some big ideas, and then created tables to visualize how our roles should be divided. We listed all of the assignments that needed to be finished this week, and from that list each of us chose 3-4 tasks to accomplish. I think this was a really effective way to arrange contribution; everyone created something for our project, but also had the freedom to choose whatever roles they were most interested in.

I signed up to create a radio bumper, commercial, and promo image. I’m really happy with how each piece turned out, and hearing my group mates’ work has me itching to put all of the pieces together. I think we have a very promising show idea, but I know that getting down to specific details will be challenging and time consuming. With four creative minds at work, I’m confident that our final product will be everything we wanted and more.

P.S. here are my Daily Creates.

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