Week Five: DJ in the Making

Before this week, I had a general understanding of the importance of sound, but I didn’t realize just how difficult it would be to convey details without the support of any visual or verbal elements.

I started by listening to “Moon Graffiti” and reflected on how sounds affect tone, space and atmosphere in this blog post. By midweek, I was able to tune in to ds106 radio for an episode of  Jessica Jones and participate in a live tweet-along with others. I wrote about the experience here. This week’s daily creates featured a sketchy spa, aging cats, and office supplies.

I used Ceto’s written intro as a guide for my Sound Effects Story, and while I think it turned out well, it just didn’t result in as clear of a narrative as I’d hoped. Small details are hard with audio, and I knew it would be a challenge to attempt such a surreal scene. I especially enjoyed making Ceto’s Soundtrack because it allowed me to explore the more chaotic and thrilling aspects of her story.

I learned how to use some great Audacity features while making my ds106 radio bumper. I jazzed it up with a lot of effects and sounds, but I feel like my message may have become a little too persuasive. Looking back, I realize that a “thanks for tuning in” would have sufficed, and would have been closer to the assignment guidelines. My “free” assignment was a Dramatic Reading Remix (4.5 stars), where I read lyrics of a sad acoustic song over an electronic beat. This changed the style completely.

Audio editing is complex and time consuming. This week felt just as challenging as the writing week, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy every moment. I’m really excited about Freesound and I’m glad I was able to add unique content to my SoundCloud account. I hope to use these newfound tools to continue creating and sharing sounds.

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