Week Eleven: Real Life Reflection

I absolutely love video editing so this week has been fantastic. The only challenge has been with time management. I’m a bit of a perfectionist… if I have to create something, I want to at least feel proud of it, and so it takes time getting my videos to a place where I genuinely like them.

I started with Advice to my Teen Self. This assignment led me to reflect on how I remember feeling about life when I was sixteen. I wrote a script that addressed some of the things I realize in hindsight, and compiled photos of me from 2010-2011. It was a really unique and meaningful activity, even though the pictures are extremely embarrassing.

My next video assignment was My Thursday in 40 Seconds. This one required my full attention for an entire day since I wasn’t used to recording every part of my routine. I was afraid of missing something to include. I also felt weird having my camera out in public places. This video is easily my favorite creation of the week. I’m inspired to continue making videos in this style, but to hopefully switch up the scenery and music.

Finally, I created a Bellydance Snapshot. This assignment required me to compile photos and videos of a club that I’ve been a part of for a few semesters. I arranged them in chronological order and used the songs we performed each semester. It’s interesting to watch and see the different phases of the club, and I’m excited to see what’s next for UMW Middle Eastern Dance Club.

This week encouraged me to reflect on and appreciate my past and current experiences, all through the challenge of translating them to video for an audience. I made sure to include a title and credits section in each video I made, and the shots are arranged in chronological order to help form a cohesive story. I think I was pretty successful in conveying my perception of life through the clips and audio I used in my videos, and I look forward to creating more.

Finally, here’s my daily create.

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