Week Eight: Distress Signal

This radio show really tested our problem-solving abilities as a team since it felt like the due date approached very quickly. Our return from break consisted of an in-person meeting where we established more details in our outline and wrote a script for the talk show. I was able to create another commercial before we met again on Friday afternoon to record.

Time constraints resulted in our radio show not going as planned, but we were able to resolve most problems. Despite feeling tired and delirious by the end of our process, I really enjoyed working with Jordan and Alaina. When we started the assignment, I didn’t expect to record and edit the show in person, but I’m glad we did because it resulted in a really fun and engaging radio show with its own little twist.

We recorded most of our content in UMW’s Vocal Booth and spent hours in the digital lab to edit afterwards. Things got tricky when it came to this portion of our process; the more content we added, the bigger, messier and harder to navigate through the working project. This led to some audio clips shifting around, which led to several failed Soundcloud upload attempts. Eventually, after going back and correcting clips more than a few times, we were able to save, upload and submit the final mp3 file.

Alaina and Jordan were full of amazing ideas and positive energy throughout this entire project. Though the assignment was taxing and may still have a few residual errors, I’m proud of what we created together.

Here’s my Daily Create.

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