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I tuned into the radio show on Wednesday evening for an episode of Jessica Jones and really enjoyed the experience. This was my first time live-tweeting and I hope to do it again. I loved the sense of community I felt just from everyone sharing their thoughts in real time. We didn’t need to physically be in each other’s presence to know that we were all experiencing something together.

I found that listening to a show on the radio can provide clear narrative details at some points, then little to none at others. There were times that I had trouble keeping up with all of the different characters during the episode, and it was hard to tell what was going on during periods of music. The end of the show had a very intense and chaotic scene which featured gunshots, screaming and crying. I knew someone’s mom died but I didn’t know whose mom and I didn’t know who the killer was. It wasn’t until I looked it up online that I realized exactly what had happened. I still really liked listening to the show in spite of the few confusing parts. I look forward to testing some of the sound effects they used in my own work.

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