I, Photog (get it? like ‘I, Robot’? No? ok)

While I am interested in photography, I have a lot to learn. I started experimenting with photos when I was fourteen. As I discovered how to use cosmetics, I’d document different looks using the family camera. My frequent practice with self-portraits led me to notice that the pictures I liked tended to have certain qualities: good lighting, an interesting/uniform background, and good focus/framing of the subject.

My photographs slowly became more creative and expressive. With unlimited access to a camera on my phone, I began to take pictures of anything that spoke to me and grew to especially love taking other people’s portraits. I became a frequent visitor of the HCC, where I’d rent a camera and ask a friend to model for spontaneous photo shoots. I finally took the plunge this past summer and made my first ‘big girl’ purchase: a Canon Rebel T6i. Owning this camera is an opportunity for me to transform a general interest into a real skill.

I love candid shots that take place outdoors because natural light is the best light! Although planned photo shoots are fun, I’m extremely observant of my surroundings and will not hesitate to whip out my phone in an attempt to capture a cool angle or scene. I’d really like to work harder on creating more of a story through my photos. I also look forward to taking advantage of the flexibility that my new camera offers, like the different lenses and control over the focus. I just need more practice.

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