Grab a Box of SuperOats!

I decided to create a commercial as part of my contribution to our group project. I hoped to incorporate the superhero theme while also making something that you might actually hear on the radio. I’ve heard several radio commercials about cars and events. Yet where did my mind go? Food, of course.

I did some research on oats, wrote and recorded a script, then found audio clips to use in the background. I intended the commercial to address parents’ desire to make their kids healthy, while also addressing their children’s potential interest in being more like their favorite superheroes.

I found a few great audio clips on Freesound; children playing at a park, a record scratch, some vocal clips, and upbeat background music. Using Audacity, I placed each clip where I saw fit and arranged my narration in a way that helped it flow well. The result is an upbeat and fun advertisement for SuperOats, a treat any kid would love!

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