Explaining Ceto

There were a few different factors that went into this character. First, I used online phrase generators to find words that inspired me. From the phrases that came up, plus the references to mythology in Ink-stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors, I was able to hone in on water, mythical creatures and dreams/fantasy.

I spent a lot of time actually developing a human character whose origin was connected to the Lochness monster, but her background story kind of sounded like the plot to Disney’s Moana so I trashed it. I wanted a character whose life was extremely different. From a list of water deities, I came across Ceto, a primordial sea goddess in Greek mythology. I fell in love with the idea of an ancient spirit or essence, whose existence dates back to before time began, being reborn or banished into the waters of Earth and forced to inhabit a physical form.

Her physical appearance was influenced by my interpretation of the Greek goddess and Watchmen‘s Dr. Manhattan. Since she doesn’t come from Earth, I didn’t want her looking normal enough to pass as a human. My favorite feature of hers is the gray skin tone.

Ceto rules the seas in all universes, not just ours. Her powers while on Earth include, but are not limited to- insane water manipulation, teleportation, and she obviously has an army of sea creatures at her disposal. I’ve yet to decide whether she will use these abilities to help or hurt humankind.

You can read Ceto’s flowery introduction here.

Dr Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen

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