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Gisele Bethea was a beautiful and talented dancer whose ballet-metal fusion style paved the way for many fusion dancers to come. That is, until one of her performances took a turn for the worst.

Gisele’s mother had grown jealous of her success, and hired a magical ‘hit man’ from the Magic & Witchcraft section of Craigslist to put a stop to her daughter’s thriving career. He snuck into her performance with his Book of Spells and attempted to curse her, but instead he accidentally altered the spell by mispronouncing the final sentence.

Gisele felt her eyes burn and her skin tingle, and so she fled the stage screaming. Once she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she felt a rage like never before. Her beautiful brown eyes had turned black, and her skin appeared spotted and multicolored. Gisele was no more.

Some say she still roams the streets, screeching as she searches for her mother.

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