Ceto Rises

That’s right. Ceto’s back.

Since we had to incorporate our character (again), I decided that my Sound Effects Story should accompany Ceto’s introduction. Yes, my idea of this scene was so vivid that I felt compelled to add another layer to the madness.

Thankfully, I learned how to use Audacity this past summer while creating a mix for my belly dance troupe. But editing music is pretty different from composing a story with only sounds. All clips were retrieved from  freesound.org. Once I had the sounds I needed, I imported, trimmed & even duplicated some of the pieces, then arranged them in the order that corresponded with my idea of Ceto’s introduction. When I was sure of the order, I tried to level the volume and tempo in any spots that seemed off. I ended up using a total of 10 sound clips to create an 80 second-long story.

I knew this was going to be challenging, and you might not be able to tell what’s going on based on just the audio, but gosh darn I tried. And maybe I’m biased because I wrote the scene, but I like the way it turned out.

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2 comments on “Ceto Rises
  1. Kasey Mayer says:

    So full honesty, I have not seen your Ceto introduction(and I didn’t go looking for it because I didn’t want it to influence me thoughts on this weeks assignment), but based on the sounds it seemed like someone (Ceto?) was at the beach floating in the water sort of dipping between being in the water and on the surface. Then the person had some sort of out of body experience before coming back to reality and getting out of the water. How close was I?

    • admin says:

      Incredibly close! Small details are challenging with audio. Ceto emerges from the depths of the sea in a bubble, which pops moments after reaching the surface. She then spends the rest of the scene wading/floating on the water. The shifts between underwater and above were my attempts at transforming the space the audience imagined things taking place. Thank you for listening!

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