Artist: Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik was a Korean American artist. Most of his work consists of cameras, television, videos and even performances. Paik redefined the use of technology that was emerging in his time.

This artist encourages me to reflect on my understanding of digital culture. When I think of using technology for creativity, I immediately jump to editing with software. Paik used both internal and external components to create visual art.

It’s easy to understand that Nam June Paik saw endless opportunities for technology. This piece stood out to me because it integrates video, machine and music into one. The merging of television screens with different concepts is a recurring theme in his art.

Technology is closely intertwined with human experience in our culture. I think Nam June Paik anticipated this. He constructed awesome sculptures that helped visualize developing concepts. Paik’s work inspires me not only to appreciate a world full of screens, but to seek unconventional opportunity within it.

Nam June Paik Studios


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