Artist: Jason Salavon

Jason Salavon is an American contemporary artist. He is known for creating visual art out of preexisting media and data, using software that he designed himself. A lot of his work consists of statistical data and overlaying images to form something new.

I love the color schemes in the Golem map. The fact that these paintings technically aren’t made by a human is remarkable. I’m working through an Exploratory Programming book in one of my courses and am expected to produce something by the end of the semester. How cool would it be to create a program that generates art?

There is something really admirable about blending something as seemingly logic-based as computer science / statistics with visual art. I initially wouldn’t assume the two could go hand in hand, but code creates art. Code is art. Salavon’s work explores this concept through his thought-provoking reconfigurations. His work is not just visually appealing; it allows the viewer to draw conclusions about cultural and social history.

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