Coding Environment

I installed Anaconda, which included the Jupyter Notebook and Python. After watching tutorials and weaving in and out of each, I have a general idea of how they work but I still need more practice. I chose to use these because they were recommended in the book. The Jupyter Notebook allows me to easily execute code as I write it, catch mistakes early on, and save my work in different formats.

I created a subdomain here to share my work. I tried to give it some semblance of a webpage and added the ‘Double Double’ experiment, along with my modified version. I created the subdomain because I’d like to keep my projects connected to my website, but I’m afraid that I’m somehow making more work for myself by adding html to the mix. I don’t really know how else to make this a functional page and might try github if it becomes too much of a burden.

Lastly, I created a desktop folder called DGST for files I end up saving. I’m hoping to solidify my coding environment once I have a better idea of the direction my work/habits take me.

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  1. zach whalen says:

    Did you find one or more of those tutorials particularly helpful? If so, can you share them in Slack?

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