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Project Reflection

Rationale My goal was to create a chatbot that provides users with different methods of coping with stress. The purpose of this project was to entertain, appease, and/or distract audiences through technology. Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities While the code free

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Final Project: Glitch GIFs

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Final Project: Documentation

Decision, Trial, Plan: 2 hours I was afraid I’d be blindsided by this project when the time came to buckle down and pick something to do. Halfway through the semester, I began to brainstorm while writing the artist blog posts and working

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Artist: Marco Brambilla

Marco Brambilla is a visual and installation artist famous for his re-contextualizations of well-known and found imagery. He is best known for his Megaplex trilogy and photo-realistic computer simulations of an Apollo launch. Brambilla is considered a pioneer of 3D technology. His

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Another Progress Report

At this point, I’m experimenting with the possibilities this bot format offers. I began my project with the idea that I wanted it to be primarily useful, which it is, but it’s also become a cluster of different things. In examples,

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