Digital Tool: VLC Frame Extraction

I decided to write a brief tutorial on how to extract video frames in VLC media player. This is a tool that can prove useful if you’d like to create a GIF out of your favorite video or movie, or if you want to just save a batch of screen shots from the best scene. I used this tool to create a series of glitched GIFs from a fantasy film. (Read about it here!)

First, you’ll need to install VLC media player and download the video or movie of your choice. Once you have everything needed, open VLC and go to Preferences, then select ;Show All’ near the bottom left corner. A list should appear in the dialog box, and from there you should select ‘Video’, then ‘Filter’. A series of boxes will appear, and you’ll want to check ‘Scene Video Filter’ to enable the image-saving setting. Once you do this, return to the left menu list and display the drop down menu for ‘Filter’. Select ‘Scene Filter’.

Once you’re here, establish how many frames per second you want to save in the ‘Recording Ratio’ text box, and indicate the location where you’d like your frames to be saved in the ‘Directory Path Prefix’ text box. I’ve indicated in my example that I’d like one our of every 2 frames to be saved to my Pictures folder, but feel free to play around with the FPM; the lower the number, the more image files will be saved to your computer. When I create GIFs, I usually set it to 2-3.

Once your settings are saved, hit File and open the movie/video and play it through. Once finished, you should have all of your frames! Yay!

BEWARE! You should go back to Preferences > Filters and uncheck ‘Scene Video Filter’ so that VLC doesn’t continue saving images everytime you watch something.

Draw Something in Under 20 Seconds

I decided to attempt the Google Draw Something assignment by clicking here and drawing something in under 20 seconds for Google to guess. This was way too fun, and also stressful, because I had to use my laptop’s touch pad and the time went by faster than I’d thought it would. I was surprised to find that the computer guessed all but one drawing correctly (and quickly)! I had a pretty easy time until it came to the animals… I found myself pausing to think of a game plan before hitting “ok” because it didn’t seem like enough time. Check out my masterpieces:

Google quick draw

Shopping for Magic on Craigslist

After a few failed attempts at editing other webpages, I ended up remodeling a Craigslist page. Craigslist pages are basic enough to make substantial changes in the content. I’ve been feeling very shpooky lately so I decided to transform the search results of “health and beauty” into “magic and witchcraft”. This was a little difficult because I had to brainstorm several tools, animals and concepts found in the fantasy genre, then I had to find the perfect image and price it accordingly.

The search results page was endless, so I only edited the first 18 items, but it’s still pretty cool to browse through as though I were an actual customer looking for these things. You can shop for magic and witchcraft here.

craigslist magic