Bellydance Snapshot

I decided to use my experiences as a bellydancer for the College Snapshot assignment. I’ve been lucky enough to have been a part of UMW MEDC since its foundation in Spring 2016. This club has led me to establish some amazing friendships, and has ultimately helped me become more comfortable with myself. I felt that this assignment was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on my experiences throughout the years.

I searched through my phone, Facebook, and YouTube to find several pictures, performance videos and music clips from over the semesters to a brief, unique video. Using glitchy ol’ Windows Movie Maker, I ordered all media chronologically and even synced the audio clips to the performance videos I included. Movie Maker almost failed me several times, but I was eventually able to pull it off and created a wonderful MEDC montage.

My Thursday in 40 Seconds

The goal was to film one day in 60 seconds, but I didn’t realize how challenging it would be! Maybe it’s because my day was pretty relaxed, and maybe it was because I forgot to whip my camera out for some moments, but I only got about 35-40 clips.

To present events as a narrative, I started with my daily routine and ended with my nightly. At the start of the video, I made sure to include a shot of me opening the curtains in the morning, and I made the final shot one of me turning the light off. Everything in between consisted of me driving to places, buying food, going to class and practice, etc. Each time I took a video on my iPhone, I trimmed it down to 1 second and saved that as a new clip. At the end of the day, I imported all of my 1 second clips into Windows Movie Maker and added credits and music. Despite not making it to 60 seconds, I really love how it turned out and I’d like to continue making these kinds of videos.

Advice to my Teen Self

I decided to do the Sixteen Year Old Me video assignment. This assignment allowed me to reflect on/deal with some of the things I was experiencing when I was younger. Teen Ashleigh was generally shy, extremely anxious, and she missed out on a lot of opportunities simply because she had very low self-esteem. Since I don’t usually take the time to think about how far I’ve come, making this video definitely got me in my feelings.

I wrote all my thoughts down and formed a brief yet meaningful letter. I went through tons of old pictures and collected a handful, which I imported into Windows Movie Maker. I tried to arrange them in chronological order to tell more of a story, beginning the video with images from my 16th birthday and ending with one that was taken only a month before my 17th birthday. I also tried to arrange the photos in a way that somewhat corresponded with the topics I covered in my letter.

screenshot editing

I recorded my script in Audacity so I could adjust the quality and volume of the audio. When I was finished, I imported my narration into movie maker. I added background music that suited the introspective tone of my video, I adjusted the duration of clips to match the script, and then added the title and credits. When I was finished, I saved my project and uploaded it to YouTube.