My World is Baby Blue

I loved editing videos last week, so I decided to do a video mashup. The What Color is Your World?  assignment instructed me to photograph a single color throughout a typical day and layer it with a song about that color. I decided to film blue things around my room in motion as opposed to just compiling still photos. Some things I recorded included blankets, robes, a bottle of perfume, the sky, and my colored contacts.

Once I had enough footage to edit, I imported the clips into Windows Movie Maker, trimmed, rearranged, and slowed them down to match the vibe of the song I chose, which was Baby Blue by King Krule. Although I filmed blue objects in my video, once I started playing with video effects, I found a blue filter and decided to use it on several clips to enhance the color. It’s very amateur but I think I did a nice job of editing the footage to compliment the song.

America Runs on Ice

I love coffee, but I really love iced coffee.  Every morning, regardless of the temperature, I grab an iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. That’s why my mind immediately went to Dunkin’ when I stumbled upon the Consumer Mashup assignment. This assignment required me to redesign a company’s logo by incorporating my favorite product. Using Photoshop, I removed the hot coffee image from the Dunkin’ Donuts logo and replaced it with an iced coffee. Then I edited the text to read, “America runs on ice”. I think I should get this made into a bumper sticker for my car because this actually sums up who I am as a person.