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After three weeks of working on the RIDE magazine editorial calendar, I am finally finished. It was pretty tedious, but definitely satisfying to move all of the issues into one place. All article titles, courtesy reminders, and featured staff are listed in the spreadsheet, and each cover image links to the PDF. I assume this will be useful in avoiding duplicates, or maybe in providing ideas for future issues.

editorial calendar

While working on the editorial calendar, I also sought quotes for processing VRE’s annual customer survey.  All I knew was that we were distributing approximately 7,500 surveys consisting of some multiple-choice and some open-ended questions. My goal was to have three responses, and after a few Google searches and emails, I met my goal and forwarded each quote to my supervisor. I may follow up with a response to each quote but I’m hoping to confirm with my supervisor first.

I also scheduled several messages for passengers to receive regarding Take Your Child to Work Day. VRE plans to allow children to ride free with a paying parent/guardian on this day. I think this is a really nice exception to their ’10 & under ride free’ policy, because it’s a great opportunity for kids to observe their parents’ responsibilities throughout the work week. I referred to past announcements featured in RIDE magazine to create the message.

take child to work day

I’ve now resumed data entry and filing tasks. Since I dedicated a lot of time to other projects, the pile of summons documents grew larger. Each summons is scanned and filed either in the 2017 waiver folders or the court folders, depending on whether the individual was granted a waiver or not. While I have experience in writing waiver letters and filing these documents, my supervisor in this department told me she plans to teach me other aspects of the summons process in the near future.

In addition to this, VRE’s marketing administrator has approached me for help with the magazine. I’m starting out small; each issue has an “out & about” blurb that mentions community events, so my first task is to find events from each commuter jurisdiction to include in the half-page. I’ll also be searching for cartoons to use in future issues. I’m hoping to gain experience with multiple digital tools by working with the marketing department. The magazine is created with Adobe InDesign, and some projects require experience with Adobe Premier. These are two programs I’d really like to learn more about. I’m very excited.

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