Week Nine: A Fun Time

I enjoyed the web assignments. For Storytelling Within the Web, I decided to use the Mozilla X-Ray Goggle tool to transform Craigslist search results for Health and Beauty into results for Magic and Witchcraft. I loved the way it turned out, and I wish I had the time, energy and brain power to just alter the entire results page instead of just a portion.

Next, I worked on the Google Draw Something assignment and had an actual blast. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was an entertaining little challenge, and it’s something I think would be fun to do with a couple of friends too.

After that, I wrote a tutorial on how to extract video frames in VLC media player, which ended up being a little time consuming. The assignment was to write a brief tutorial, yet I also wanted to be thorough in my explanation so that people could actually follow along and understand. I’m hoping the screenshots helped. Overall, it was a useful exercise because it forced me to refresh my memory on how the tool actually worked.

I’m pained to admit that I only did two Daily Creates this week, so instead of connecting a third TDC, I used my Magic and Witchcraft Craigslist page as the third component. Connecting the three pieces ended up turning into a creepy little story and incorporated several webpages into one cohesive narrative. I’d say it was a success.

Overall, I enjoyed getting to experiment on my own terms this week, as the Radio Show project had been very demanding. I was able to play with HTML, VLC media player, and experiment with tools I’d never used before, like youdubber and the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles. Week Nine was a nice reminder of how much fun the Internet can be.

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