Week Four: Photo Bomb

This was a great week. I managed my time well and generally just felt more comfortable approaching the visual assignments. I compared my experience with photography to the readings and realized that, while I incorporate a lot of elements in my photos, there are plenty of things I should work on, like creating more of a story and utilizing the best lens for each case.

I chose Sailor Moon for my Life of a Superhero assignment. While I probably could have found a photo of her standing, I love that she looks like she’s hovering over the dumpster as she takes her trash out. It’s so dramatic.

I geared my Color Changer assignment toward illustrating Ceto’s prologue from last week. It was really satisfying to transform a description I had in mind into something I could actually look at, and I was amazed at how drastic the mood and tone of the photo changed just by adjusting the lighting and colors. It reinforces a lot of the points made by the readings.

I decided to do some serious experimenting for my other visual assignment, called Averaged Portrait. I had a mini selfie shoot then combined all of the photos I’d taken. This encouraged me to use Photoshop features that I’d never used before to create a unique self portrait.

The 20-minute photoblitz was an adventure around my house that resulted in some interesting angles. My daily creates featured shadows, dirty dishes, and unraveled paper clips.

Overall, this week was a blast (which is why I’ve titled this summary ‘Photo Bomb’)! I was able to develop concepts that were formed last week, I got extra practice with Photoshop, and I took plenty of pictures. I feel like I’m expanding my skill set and improving my creative thinking, which is really exciting.

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