Self Portrait

So, things got weird with this one. I stumbled upon Averaging Concepts Using Flickr and decided to try it since I’d never averaged a photo before. But instead of using pictures found on Flickr, I thought it might be worth it to use a bunch of self portraits. I created the Averaged Portrait assignment to better suit my intentions and hopefully encourage others to experiment.

My goal was to take a series of selfies, then compile them and end with my face blurry but my body still. I sat in front of a white wall, attached my phone to a small tripod, and then set the timer to 3 seconds so my arm wouldn’t be extended in the pictures. I took about 10-15 pictures of myself in the same position, only moving my head in different directions. Once I finished, I loaded them into Photoshop.

Since my body shifted slightly from hitting the shutter, I aligned the layers and cropped the jagged corners/excess space. I then converted the layers to a SmartObject and selected ‘Mean’ from the Stack Mode options. After that, I adjusted the color, brightness and contrast of the photo. It turned out pretty cool. I tried the ‘Range’ option next and inverted the colors — I liked how that came out even more than ‘Mean’! This was a great learning experience for me. I really love how peculiar the images turned out.

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4 comments on “Self Portrait
  1. Alan Levine says:

    That’s a far from average photo and assignment idea. Well done and explained, that’s the #ds106 way.

  2. Cool, and interesting, and thank you for sharing your process. We all need to do this more — teaching each other how to move our art forward.

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