Moon Dumpster Power!

Sailor Moon: My favorite superheroine. Ever.

This series led to my first experiences with online storytelling and community; at age eleven, I discovered the world of fan fiction, I began sketching manga, and even experimented with creating my own anime music videos. Sailor Moon inspired me to test the limits of my creativity and learn how incredible and fun the Internet could be. That’s why she is the subject of my Life of a Superhero assignment.

Using the quick selection tool in Photoshop, I cut Sailor Moon out of her “attack” pose and replaced her magic scepter with trash bags. I used the eraser tool to try and clean whatever pieces I’d missed, and then placed her within the photo of a dumpster. I had to resize her accordingly and she ended up a little blurry, so I used the sharpen tool to fix as best I could.

I just wish I looked this majestic while taking out the trash.

Moon Dumpster Powerrr

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  1. This is great! Sailor Moon was my favorite when I was growing up, I even had a dollhouse that was a replica of her house from the TV show as well as sheets and curtains featuring her.

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