Mixin’ It Up

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed I have a pretty easy time staying engaged in the creative process when it comes to visual art. I think this contributes to my interest in experimenting with digital tools so much. Naturally, my first choice from the assignment bank was from the visual category.

I have a great appreciation for collage art. I love seeing elements from completely different images come together to form something extraordinary; something that makes you think, “what if?” I’ve wanted to make more of a habit to create my own, but I struggle with setting aside the time to do it. (Again, this is why I’m so grateful to be in this class… I’m forced to make the time.)

Combophoto was the perfect assignment to warm myself up to this course. Inspired by other examples of collage art (see rezanfajar and mr.babies), I decided to combine a floral illustration with an eye. I searched through floral patterns and prints and found an image of colorful flowers with outstretched human arms. Using Photoshop, I placed part of the illustration inside of a pencil-sketched eye.


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2 comments on “Mixin’ It Up

    You did a really great job with this combo photo! I really like the contrast of the black and white face with the colorful eye. It works very well together.

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