DS106 Advice

So… you wanna be a ds106er? Let me tell you what it takes.

First and foremost, you will need to commit to what you signed up for. The workload may be intimidating, and there may be weeks that leave you feeling exhausted, but you just have to make the effort. When you make the effort, your experience in this class is so much more rewarding.

Secondly, don’t take yourself seriously. This class is very relaxed with few rules. You can interpret projects and assignments any way you like. The goal is simply to create using different media. Every assignment you complete may not be a masterpiece, but you can at least make the work enjoyable. Having a positive attitude toward each project will help you appreciate your finished work in many ways.

Finally, be open to learning. You may not be a pro by the end of each week, but I guarantee that you will know more than you did at the beginning. Don’t feel pressured to know it all at once, and don’t shy away from trying something because it seems hard or advanced. This class is all about experimentation and learning in ways that suit you, so make the most of it.

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