Ceto’s Soundtrack

So, this was time consuming. The last few assignments that featured Ceto relied heavily on my intro scene. This one forced me to zoom out and picture her story as a whole.

Ceto is a primordial sea goddess who is banished to Earth and forced to inhabit a physical form. I still have not decided whether she hurts or helps mankind with her ability to manipulate water or summon an army of sea creatures, but I do know that her arrival eventually causes mayhem.

I used water-y and ambient clips for Ceto’s sound effect story, but I needed much more intense sounds to convey the commotion she’d cause. I decided to begin the soundtrack with the familiar ambient tone and completely shift it at the start of chaos. It took quite a bit of searching on Freesound, but I found a decent synth loop and paired it with drums. I changed the tempo of both clips to match each other and increased the bass to give it a more energetic sound. I didn’t mind the way the music portion turned out until my boyfriend called it a ‘cheesy sci-fi tune’…  but by that point, it was too late to turn back.

The narrator of The Powerpuff Girls soundtrack provided their backstory, so I felt like I needed to include some vocals for this assignment. I found a nice sound clip of a woman reciting a random poem and loved the wording, although it really doesn’t make much sense. I trimmed and rearranged it as I saw fit, then added water in the background. I was hoping it would sound like some sort of omen.

Overall, I really enjoyed the process of making Ceto’s soundtrack! And heck, maybe a cheesy sci-fi tune works best. She is an otherworldly character after all.

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