Ceto Swims

I was excited when I saw that we’d incorporate our recently-created characters in a visual assignment. I really loved the setting of Ceto’s entrance and decided to recreate it by adjusting the colors of an image that already existed. I figured the best way to approach this was through the Color Changer assignment.

In the excerpt I wrote last week, Ceto rises from the depths of the ocean and rests on top of the water. So, my first task was to find an image of a woman on, in or around water. Once I had one, I used the quick selection tool in Photoshop to isolate the woman from the rest of the picture. I adjusted the colors and lighting of the water and the woman separately to reflect my idea of Ceto’s intro. Because Ceto has light-gray skin and black hair, I made the woman black and white. Then I adjusted different levels to make the water appear dark purplish-blue. I think it matches my description well.

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