Intro to Digital Art

My definition of digital art is any art made through use of digital tools. This includes applications found on many smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. Photos taken on a digital camera could even fall into the realm of digital art.

Digital art has many advantages because of the abundance of tools available. Sketching and painting are replicated through programs as basic as Microsoft Paint. Instead of carrying several different materials, artists have access to their tools in one place. Mistakes can be eliminated with a simple click of a button. Digital work is easily cut, copied, stored and shared. However, this seemingly limitless medium does have some disadvantages. The internet is vast; users can screenshot, duplicate and/or take ownership of work that is not theirs. Regardless, digital tools can be very convenient and beneficial to artists of many mediums.

Here are three examples of digital art that speak to my personal aesthetic.


I really like glitching. Creating art out of errors is fascinating to me. I love analogous color schemes and, though all glitch art is cool, I typically prefer images that show remnants of the original.

rezanfajar1Reza Noer Fajar

This is one of my favorites. I’m a fan of collage art. I am especially drawn to the insertion of roses beneath the woman’s face. I like floral patterns and illustrations. Placing them within unexpected context makes for a cool picture. I’d like to create something like this for the course.

Taken From

Taken From

I found this image through researching for the blog post. I liked the muted colors and the zebra’s explosive, yet graceful nature.

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