Artist: Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work encompasses a variety of formats including photography, 3D, video, animated gifs, sound, digital image making and live performance. She often integrates virtual and physical domestic spaces.  The primary tools she uses are her iPhone and computer.

Like several of the digital artists we’ve covered, this is a woman of many talents. I loved navigating through the images in Low Prim. Rather than sectioning each group of photos via navigation menu, image links led me deeper and deeper into her collection of photographs, which captured a variety of different moments/subjects. It felt like her work was endless. The shapes, settings and forms that she creates range from fluid abstractions to virtual/physical realism.

Sara Ludy, “Blue Cloud Glass,” 2016

I couldn’t add the image here, but I really liked this Garden Gif (2011) from her Pan Gifs collection (2011-2013)

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