Artist: Matt Siber

Matt Siber is an American artist who works primarily with photography and sculptures. Siber’s work references communication to the public through use of billboards, lights and supportive structures.

Siber’s Floating Logos series consists of digitally altered photographs of signs. Siber removes the pole structures to make the ads appear as though they are floating in the air. Vast skies and a somewhat rural backdrop emphasize the bold, towering nature of the advertisements. I love the futuristic vibe in these images.

From transforming advertisements and street signs into photographs, to incorporating billboard posters in an installation- I can’t help but notice the translations between two dimensional to three dimensional objects in Siber’s art. Capitalist messages take many forms. This artist encourages me to reflect on the visually-driven nature of our society. I often overlook advertisements and signs, forgetting that I am surrounded by them all the time. The deconstruction of visual ads in Siber’s work sheds light on the ways persuasive messages are forced onto the public.

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