Artist: Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay is a Swiss-American artist. He is best known for his exploration of sound, photography, video and film.

A lot of his early work consisted of manipulating turntables and using them as instruments, which was developed independently of but parallel to hip hop’s use of the instrument. Sound is a recurring theme in his art; audio and visual are fused together in multiple ways. Human experience is shaped by the collaboration of our senses. Christian Marclay’s work fascinates me because, in a way, it materializes this concept.

I saw clips of Marclay’s film, The Clock, which is a 24-hour long montage that features scenes from classic films that incorporate a clock. Each clock sighting corresponds to the actual time of day.  This led me to think about how Americans love going to the cinema. If they want to, viewers can sit and spend their entire day watching this film, which isn’t too different from many people’s lifestyles to begin with. I spend a lot of time staring at a screen, whether it be my phone, laptop, or TV.

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