Project Proposal


My goal is to create a chatbot that provides users with different methods of coping with stress. The purpose of this project is to entertain, appease, and/or distract audiences through technology.

Risks and Rewards

A clear risk in attempting this project is the failure to produce the desired outcome. Perhaps the chatbot is functional but doesn’t provide appropriate responses. Maybe the chatbot’s creation is successful but fails to have an effect on the audience. Maybe I am unable to create this bot altogether.

If the project goes well, audiences have access to a chatbot that will direct them to different relaxation techniques. This will hopefully result in better attitudes/performance.


I will be using the Gupshup platform because it provides code-free bot building methods in addition to those that require programming knowledge. In order to accomplish this project, I will need to have a thorough understanding of how the platform works. I will also need to research different approaches to combating stress and decide which ones will be featured in the chatbot. I will probably need access to images, videos, quotes, advice, and useful websites. Finally, I’ll need to know how to publish the chat bot to social media/ allow people to use it.


11/10 -11/15: Navigate through Gupshup. Test different bot building methods. Research stress relief techniques.
11/15-11/17: Outline what techniques will be featured and how.
11/17-11/24: Begin building bot based on outline.
11/24-12/1: Continue building chat bot. Decide what platform it will be published to and how.
12/6:  Complete project.


I have no experience with bots. While I would like to be able to create a functional/meaningful chat bot, I realize I may not be able to. I think success lies in gaining experience/understanding more about the bot building process and the effect chatbots can have on users.

Executive Summary

I am creating a chat bot that provides different methods of stress relief to entertain or help audiences. To accomplish this, I’ll need to familiarize myself with Gupshup, research what relaxation techniques are most successful, and learn how to publish a chat bot to social media.

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