Manifesto Revision

I’m learning programming because I know I can do it. Despite the frustration I have experienced thus far, my goal remains to create something that I’m proud of by the end of this semester. I am still anxious that I will find myself at a road block. While I follow the book and can understand certain topics, I struggle with creating my own code for the exercises. I have not dedicated enough time in thoroughly understanding the concepts introduced in each chapter. Moving forward, I will make more of an effort to do this. Additionally, I need to remind myself that running into errors is not a reason to become discouraged. My biggest worry is that, if I’m already struggling with each chapter’s exercise, I won’t be able to produce something for a final project. While I originally considered creating visual art or a bot, I’m brainstorming other options for my project. After seeing the edited video clips from the debate, it may be interesting to do something similar with a show or movie that either makes a statement about our culture or gives the viewer something to think about.

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