Another Progress Report

At this point, I’m experimenting with the possibilities this bot format offers. I began my project with the idea that I wanted it to be primarily useful, which it is, but it’s also become a cluster of different things.

In examples, the Gupshup flow builder is used for customer service-like interactions. This was great for my initial goal of providing relaxation resources to the user, but it quickly became too impersonal and robotic. This has been a huge challenge for me. The flow of conversation started to resemble, “Want to see this? Click here. Done? Go back to Main Menu.” This changed once I started allowing other people to test the bot.

progress report 4

After I had a substantial amount of images, links, and different conversational directions, I published the bot to Facebook and asked a few friends to test it. In attempts to shock and surprise them, I took the time to leave little notes in random places. If they messaged the bot and clicked an option I hadn’t yet developed, the bot would respond with cuss words or funny GIFs.

This resulted with more memorable, human-like interactions and has left me with a better idea of what I want the bot’s “personality” to be like. Instead of sticking to a rigid self-help/informative format, I’ve started adding a lot of playful, miscellaneous items and resoures

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