Connected Creates

Gisele Bethea was a beautiful and talented dancer whose ballet-metal fusion style paved the way for many fusion dancers to come. That is, until one of her performances took a turn for the worst.

Gisele’s mother had grown jealous of her success, and hired a magical ‘hit man’ from the Magic & Witchcraft section of Craigslist to put a stop to her daughter’s thriving career. He snuck into her performance with his Book of Spells and attempted to curse her, but instead he accidentally altered the spell by mispronouncing the final sentence.

Gisele felt her eyes burn and her skin tingle, and so she fled the stage screaming. Once she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she felt a rage like never before. Her beautiful brown eyes had turned black, and her skin appeared spotted and multicolored. Gisele was no more.

Some say she still roams the streets, screeching as she searches for her mother.

Corny Creates

My first daily create turned a fun face-mask night into an open spa business. The second involved photo-shopping some kittens in a bottle to convey the passage of time. I ended the week on an especially corny note by chopping up a bunch of Post-its at work to spell “Create”. I swear it was going to say “Fabricate” but that would’ve given my coworkers more time to peer over my shoulder and see what a complete weirdo I am.

I Don’t Usually Take Pictures of My Dirty Dishes

I really liked this week’s daily creates. The first prompt was to be shady or shadowy, the second was to take a photo of something and make it heart-breakingly beautiful, and the third was to depict confusion.

I used my phone camera for all of the pictures and made no edits aside from the standard grayscale filter on the first image. I love that they share cool tones, so they fit together nicely. You can view my tweets here! And yes, that’s an empty bowl of Oreo O’s.

Using My Surroundings

These were fun. The first daily create prompt was to write a poem, the second was to come up with a superpower, and the third was to incorporate dots for a holiday I never knew existed.

I used my phone camera to take all of the pictures. With Photoshop, I replaced my face with the cat’s head in the second TDC, and I used PicsArt to draw dots and the floral shape stamp in the third. You can view my tweets here!

Did I Make You Uncomfortable?

It’s difficult to create something you feel proud of in only a matter of minutes. I think my dark sense of humor came out due to the pressure. While I intended these images to scream, “please don’t take me seriously”, I think I ended up giving more of an “I have a sad outlook on life” vibe. I still had fun tho.

I used Word to edit text, images and shapes for the first two daily creates. I relied on my go-to photo editing app, PicsArt, for the third. You can view my tweets here!