Working on the Railroad

Fun fact: I’m full of ideas, I just lack the motivation to make them happen.

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ve probably gathered that while I enjoy being creative, I never push myself to do anything about it unless I’m in school. I’ve been riding the train to and from my internship since January and I have been dying to create some cool train GIFs. I thought the Home Video Gif assignment would be a great challenge to 1) refresh my knowledge on the GIF-making process and 2) finally make one of my ideas a reality.

Luckily, getting the frames was not an issue because I’m a creepy passenger. I take pictures of the train all the time, so my camera roll is fully stocked with arrivals and departures. However, making the GIF itself was difficult because it had been a while since I’d done it. The only method I’ve learned is through Photoshop. Most of my problems came from importing frames and setting the duration of each. It took a bit of trial and error to remember how to do these things in bulk.

Once my frames were set, I began to edit colors and lighting. I intended to make slight alterations but had way too much fun testing different extremes. I decided to roll with it.

Here’s my GIF! I really like it, but I also feel a headache coming on.


When You Just Need to Munch on Some Love

Look, I know it sounds crazy. I know I might be judged. But I can’t go on keeping this a secret.

My name is Ashleigh and I’m an Oreo O’s addict.

I fell in love with the cereal when I was around 5 years old and was pretty bummed when the product disappeared from store shelves in 2007. It was discontinued due to the two companies, Post Cereal and Kraft Foods, refusing to co-brand. Embarrassingly enough, I spent an unreasonable amount of money just to continue purchasing the cereal online. You can imagine how excited I was when Oreo O’s returned to Walmart stores this past summer.

To commemorate the return of Oreo O’s, I decided to create A Mailchimped Message.  I wrote a ridiculous advertisement and recorded my friends and family reciting it. Using Audacity, I trimmed each recording into pieces and organized them in different ways. I also added an emotional song titled, One Man’s Strength in the background. By the end of it, I had created one final, seamless audio recording. Enjoy.

Mixin’ It Up

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed I have a pretty easy time staying engaged in the creative process when it comes to visual art. I think this contributes to my interest in experimenting with digital tools so much. Naturally, my first choice from the assignment bank was from the visual category.

I have a great appreciation for collage art. I love seeing elements from completely different images come together to form something extraordinary; something that makes you think, “what if?” I’ve wanted to make more of a habit to create my own, but I struggle with setting aside the time to do it. (Again, this is why I’m so grateful to be in this class… I’m forced to make the time.)

Combophoto was the perfect assignment to warm myself up to this course. Inspired by other examples of collage art (see rezanfajar and mr.babies), I decided to combine a floral illustration with an eye. I searched through floral patterns and prints and found an image of colorful flowers with outstretched human arms. Using Photoshop, I placed part of the illustration inside of a pencil-sketched eye.